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My mother is 90 and no longer drives. Her walker is her ‘Cadillac,” as she calls it. Nevertheless, she’s always up for adventure. Not too long ago,I  picked her up to get out of town and go somewhere new for lunch. To make a long story short, Mom’s knees were hurting, so rather than have her climb in and out of the car, we decided to get carryout and have a picnic at a park seated comfortably in the driver and passenger seats. Shrimp and Snow Peas for me, and the spicy hot Szechuan Shrimp for mom. (A little fun tidbit for you: research has linked “liking hot peppers” to having a thrill-seeking personality, specifically liking amusement park rides and gambling. We’re guilty on both accounts.)

We pulled into a nice wooded city park near a shelter house, opened our meals and rolled the windows down. Within a few minutes we were swatting mosquitos … what’s a picnic without bugs? So, we moved the car away from the trees a bit. After scraping the bottom of my carryout box to get the last fork full of sauce-soaked rice, I reached for a fortune cookie.

I was careful not to touch mom’s cookie as that would cancel her fortune (so the unofficial rules state). I broke my cookie in half to see what life-changing bit of wisdom I would find inside.

It read:

“The smart thing is to prepare for the unexpected.”

I placed my fortune on the lid of the carry-out container and took a picture of it for proof that FINALLY my years of work developing Let Family Know® were validated (LOL) because the fortune is 100%  true. And Let Family Know is dedicated to helping you and your family to be prepared for the unexpected. The cookie’s fortune was a fun coincidence, but real validation comes from the people who tell me the Let Family Know® Keeper is something they really need and want.

Think you’re prepared for the unexpected? It only takes about one minute to find out. Just keep track of how many of the following statements are true for you.

If something were to happen to me:

  1. I’ve written down exactly what my spouse or family need to know to help in any debilitating or end-of-life situation.
  2. At least one person in my family – or a close friend – knows exactly where my important information is.
  3. I have listed all of my usernames and passwords somewhere to make it easy for family or my digital executor to close my online accounts.
  4. I have written down who I want to have my cherished items and why, because I want to make sure they go to the people I want to have them. Plus, I know the damage that can happen in families when they’re left to decide the inheritances on their own.
  5. I have written my funeral plans so others don’t have to make decisions that are mine to make. I don’t want funeral decisions place an added burden on my family at a time they are already distressed.
  6. I’ve left a personal letter to my children, grandchildren and others to remind them of how much I love them and why they are special in my eyes.
  7. I’ve written down some family history, traditions and stories that I think need to be passed down for future generations.
  8. I have a living trust or a will.
  9. My will is up to date, and my attorney has designed it to do exactly what I want it to do.
  10. I have a living will, advance directives, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, and Financial Power of Attorney.

Well, how did you do? There are many questions we could ask about being prepared, but these 10 provide a good start to knowing where you stand. While going through the statements, did you identify some key things you still need to do?

Are you included in the 75% of Americans who are confused about what you really need to be prepared?

If you are, then you’ll love the FREE guide we’ve created for you: 

5 estate planning documents you need to fill out now
“5 Documents you need NOW in case you “kick the bucket.” Our mission is to help people organize the information that matters, and these documents matter.

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