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This collection of 80 eye-opening inheritance stories may be quick to read, but the lessons learned will stay with you for a lifetime. Where There’s An Inheritance shows what can happen in families just like yours, due to lack of planning, do-it-yourself wills, carelessness, underhandedness, and even mean spiritedness.

Real-life, behind-the-lawyer’s-desk stories teach why family inheritance planning is so important.

In “Where There’s an Inheritance,”  co-authors Barry Fish and Les Kotzer, two wills attorneys, discuss their decades of work drawing up wills and representing clients caught up in inheritance disputes.

In a review of this book, Adam McLean wrote,  “The strong, yet weathered desk in a small meeting room just downstairs from the lawyer’s office has been soaked with tears, beaten upon with fists of rage, or slapped in moments of joy. Mr. Kotzer or his co-author Barry M. Fish have been present for each emotional exchange.”

Barry Fish discusses their book – ‘Where There’s An Inheritance’

Just by reading through the Table of Contents, you get a glimpse of why this book is so hard to put down. Some may shock you, touch your heart and even make you laugh. But perhaps the real value of the book is is summed up by Kotzer: “The book takes you deep into what can happen, the good, the bad and the ugly. After you read it you will realize the depth of what you need to know.”

Here are just a few titles of the 80 stories you’ll read that you can find on their website. Just click on the title or go to

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