Helping you organize information that matters

You love your family enough to do this …

but like so many of us, you still may not have organized the information your family would need to know if anything should happen to you.

If you’re like me, maybe you started to do it once – OK more than once – but have lost track of the notebooks and pieces of paper on which you jotted things down. Maybe you even made an appointment with an estate attorney to get help, but then canceled because you weren’t ready – and still aren’t 7 years later.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. The way I see it, the problem isn’t us. The problem is in what’s been available to us.

Frankly, knowing where or how to start seemed so overwhelming that even a piece of homemade coconut cream pie wasn’t enough to get me through it. (Ok, more than one piece.) So I spent a lot of time going online and into bookstores checking out books and workbooks that were designed to help. But everything I saw just didn’t cut the mustard.

Can pie put you in the mood to organize your information

  • Some require a lot of complicated (and in my mind unnecessary) reading that I don’t have enough interest in nor the time to read – or the law degree to understand.
  • Many are incomplete. You may pay less, but you get a lot less.
  • The fill-in-the-blank styles are at least helpful, but typically don’t cover even a fraction of all what could ideally be included.
  • Most are bound or spiral bound … when what you need is the flexibility to change out the pages whenever your life changes … or you change your mind. Who wants to start a new notebook from scratch? Or tape in pages?
  • You can find a few free forms online … but there’s a reason they’re free. They barely even cover the basics. So if I were to print and fill them out, I’d only have a little bit of information on loose pages that I’d probably lose track of … again.[/su_list]

When I couldn’t find a simple and flexible solution I wanted … I created one:

The Let Family Know® Keeper

et Family Know Keeper transforms procrastination into peace of mind

As an amateur inventor, the one thing I enjoy most is solving problems or improving products.

I decided since I’d spent so much time developing a tool to help me create and organize the information that matters – why not let other people be helped by it, too? The Let Family Know Keeper is a simple, flexible solution that you can put into action the second it’s in your hands. No lengthy reading … just doing. And at your own pace. You can get all of the details about the Keeper here, but before you do, here’s my promise to you:

You’ll finally have peace of mind over what you’ve felt secretly panicked about.

Starting with the very first page you complete, you’ll feel a real sense of relief come over you. You’re FINALLY doing something special for your family that you may have been secretly stressing over for years. As a mother of adult children, I’m excited to have created this for us. I hope when you get your Keeper and begin using it, that you’ll take a minute to let me know how you like it. And, if you have tips to share on how you use it, ideas for improving it, or additional topics to include … OR if you know how to make a coconut cream pie that looks like the picture above … please let us know.

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