How do you build an interesting family heritage? By writing one story at a time.

Told by one generation to the next and the next, family stories are important and must not be forgotten.

Anyone can write a family story. There's no minimum word count. No perfect grammar. Not even flawless recollection. This book can help you get started.

Ancestors’ stories, our own stories, traditions, and values make our families unique. This 61-page guide book is packed with tips to help preserve them for future generations. The 25-page workbook has planning sheets and 105 thought starters to make it easy to get off to a good start.

Plan family stories you'll write with Family Stories planning sheets from Let Family Know®

Did you know?

The purple "What I want you to know" section of the Let Family Know® Keeper provides an easy way to share things about yourself, your family, your heritage, keys to your native language, crazy family traditions, family medical information, spiritual beliefs, your dreams, unique achievements, acts of heroism or kindness, values and experiences­­—even pass along secret family recipes. Future generations will treasure knowing their real heritage.

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