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Have you put off organizing your personal information because it seems so overwhelming that you don’t even know where to start? Or maybe your schedule is so busy, you don’t have time to figure it all out. Finally, there’s an answer. The Let Family Know® Keeper. It offers fill-in-the-blank simplicity and includes five sections that cover the topics that would matter to family when you’re no longer around:

  • SECTION 1: My important information
  • SECTION 2: My digital life
  • SECTION 3: What I want you to have
  • SECTION 4: What I want you to know
  • SECTION 5: Family, friends, and others

The Let Family Know Keeper Set also includes a pocket-sized ring binder – the Companion Keeper – that’s EXCLUSIVE to Let Family Know. It’s designed to protect passwords to websites where you access sensitive information, like financial or medical. It’s small so you can easily store it out of site, in a secure place away from the main Keeper, and not make the dangerous mistake of storing the username and password of these protected accounts together.

Some of the information you’d like to organize for your family is a bit challenging – like such as planning inheritances, writing family stories, and writing legacy letters to leave behind. The Keeper Set won’t leave you hanging … it includes a series of four easy-to-read books that provide scenarios, how-to tips, and worksheets to help you get it done.


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How many times have you promised yourself that you would start organizing your personal information … "tomorrow'"?

Somehow, it still isn't done. Something so important shouldn't be so hard, should it? Don't be too hard on yourself. You're in the same boat as millions of others. We say the problem isn't you ... it's what's been available to you. Most planner options out there only cover the basics and offer no help in figuring out the tough stuff. That's why we developed the Let Family Know@ Keeper Set. There's nothing else like it.

Gathering insight from research, the Keeper is sized to be similar to a day-planner. It measures 8" x 9" so it can fit in a home safe, dresser drawer or brief case. The front cover is embossed with an heirloom-style graphic. The Keeper features a versatile ring binder format so the 5.5" x  8" fill-in-the-blank pages can be easily updated over time, whenever your life changes or you change your mind about something.

The Keeper is organized in five sections which are unique to Let Family Know:

1. My important information

This section holds information from medical to family to finance, location of last will and testament and other critical documents, to pet care and funeral plans. It includes 14 topics and is more comprehensive than what's included in most anything out there. You can work at your own pace and fill out only what you wish.

2. My digital life

This section stores information pertaining to your online accounts, including login details and whether or not you are paying into or getting money from, these accounts. (SEE COMPANION KEEPER below)

3. What I want you to have

This section is where you can tell who you'd want to inherit your more personal items that may or may not not be included in a last will and testament. THIS IS NOT LEGALLY BINDING – the purpose is to help prevent hard feelings and family disagreements over inheritances. It's often items with less monetary value but more emotional value that causes family rifts.

4. What I want you to know

This is a section for recording family stories, fond memories, family traditions and values – even recipes. It helps keeps the family's story from getting lost to future generations.

5. Family, friends and others

Here you can list contact details of friends and family. Entries have a checkbox to indicate if that person should be notified if anything should happen. And if you've left a letter for them.

Our pocket-sized Companion Keeper helps protect your online accounts

Designed to be pocket-size, it measures 3.5" x 3", so it can be hidden out of site, and away from the main Keeper. It's small but adds a big layer of protection for passwords to websites where people access sensitive information like financial or medical. This is EXCLUSIVE to Let Family Know. It seems many planners allow people to make the terrible mistake of storing both usernames and passwords to financial accounts in the same place. If some unscrupulous person  or identity theft would gain access to your password saver, they would basically have the combination to your "financial vault." The Companion Keeper also has pages for recording combinations, location of keys, etc.

In case you need inspiration, 4 "how-to" books give you tips, examples and worksheets

The Let Family Know Keeper Set comes with a series of four easy-to-read books that offer scenarios, how-to tips, and worksheets. These are designed to help you with some of the more perplexing topics, such as planning inheritances, writing family stories, and writing legacy letters to leave behind. These are downloadable PDFs, so you can access the information right away. You can get tips and begin planning while you wait for your pre-ordered Keeper to arrive.

PLUS the bundle includes two bonus resources:

  • "Get it done planner" helps you stay on track so you can get your information recorded. Download the PDF and print it out for helpful reference and motivation.
  • "Steps to take when someone close to you dies" can help guide family members in a stressful, unfamiliar situation. Donload and print it out, and tuck it in a pocket inside your Keeper.


Why Pre-Order?

The Let Family Know® Keeper will be going into production as soon as the minimum order is met. We're offering you the opportunity to pre-order, so that you can be one of the first to get one, and not have to wait until the next printing run.

I believe the Let Family Know Keeper is a tool that can help so many people. But since this is our launch and the first time this is being offered, we need to know for sure that this is something people like you are interested in before moving forward. So, in order to gauge interest before I invest in a large, very costly printing run, I’m looking for a minimum number of people to pre-order as a way of validating that people will want this.

We all know that a lot of people say they would buy something, but only because they’re being nice and don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. But paper/printing is expensive – and to keep it affordable, a certain number of orders must be reached. A credit card is required to place your order, but in the highly unlikely event that the minimum order is not reached, then I’ll simply cancel the Pre-Order and the money will be refunded. See our Return Policy.

Because you are here, you must be interested. I’d love to have you become one of the first to get a Keeper. Once I have validation, this pre-order stage will end. If you’d like to be part of this special group who will get a Keeper at the very earliest date possible, all you have to do is go to SHOP and place your order for the Let Family Know Keeper – Printed. If you place an order, we'll keep you updated on the status and anticipated delivery date. Thank you.


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