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How to Keep Family Stories From Fading


This 61-page book comes with a 25-page workbook that includes planning sheets and 105 thought starters.

One important goal of recording family stories is to protect your great family stories from disappearing over time. Stop for a minute and ask yourself … what can YOU recall about your own grandparents? Or your great grandparents? How often do you find yourself thinking about the past? We all have stories. And before you say, “But I don’t know what I could say that would be interesting,” think about things you’ve learned about your grandparents that, to others, may have seemed ordinary – but were fascinating to you. For many reasons, it’s important to record those stories before they fade too much in your memory. So, where do you even begin? In this easy-to-read 61-page guide, you’ll learn different ways to go about writing the stories or snapshots – even those stories that are hard to tell. The simple steps and thought starters in the workbook will send you off on a trip into the past. Every story you write adds to the beautiful legacy you will create for your children, grandchildren and future generations. Be prepared to be surprised at what you’ll learn.


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We’ve all seen the way family heritage fades a little more with each generation. Our ancestors’ stories, our own stories, rich traditions and the values that make our families unique. This book is designed to simplify the task of recalling family stories, traditions and important facts so that you can help preserve your family heritage for future generations. While that may sound like a big job, you know what they say: the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time—this book can help you do that.

In the 60-page book, you’ll see a few popular methods you can choose from to record your stories. Plus, you’ll find:

  • a treasure trove of tips on how to recall your stories,
  • ideas for talking to family to gather stories,
  • examples of stories
  • guidance on how to handle unpleasant stories,
  • 105 thought starters, and
  • a plan of action to help make it easy for you to journal about you and your family.

There’s a ton of help packed into that book, but we took it a step further by including a 25-page workbook with planning sheets and 105 thought starters to help you get off to a really good start. 

Writing your family story is so very important. It’s good for you and it will certainly ensure your legacy and that of your family will be passed down to future generations. If you have been putting it off, now is the best time to get started. You simply cannot wait another moment because you have no idea what may happen in the future.

Still teetering on the edge, wondering if you can do this?
Relax. Nobody’s story is ever written perfectly. And it may not even be completely accurate or even in chronological order. Regardless of how you write it, we think you’re going to love how your story unfolds … page by page by page. You may be surprised by the strength, security and sense of belonging it gives you and future generations.

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