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How to Decide Who Should Inherit Your Stuff & Worksheets


This 21-page book comes with a 17-page workbook with Inheritance-Planning Inventory Worksheets

If you’re considering this book, chances are you’ve thought about how your family would be affected if anything should happen to you. While no one likes to think about dying, far too many people ignore the topic and, when it finally happens, leave their families in a difficult situation that could easily have been avoided. Making choices about inheritances is not, as many people believe, solely a question of money and property. It’s also very much about emotional ties, feelings of fairness and respect, and complicated calculations that have to balance a number of factors. This 21-page book is written in easy-to-digest sections so you can take it one step at a time. Making inheritance decisions is your responsibility, and it’s a way to prevent hard feelings and even family fights. The Inheritance-Planning Inventory Worksheets help will help you to create the list of items you plan to pass down, and record WHO you would want to get items and WHY. Just remember that the choices you make now will make it much easier for your family later on. Don’t wait another day … it’s time to get started.


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After you pass on, all of your property has to go to new owners. While the big questions about your investments, real estate, and other high-value items are important you need to devote time to the little things too. In fact, it’s often items with less monetary value but more emotional value that causes the most rifts between family members. You probably know someone whose family relationships were damaged when parents left it up to their adult children to decide who should inherit their things.

Making inheritance decisions can be difficult, but this can help you do it.

Making inheritance decisions is your responsibility, and it’s a way to prevent hard feelings and even family fights. The inheritance process discussed in this 21-page book is rather simple. You’ll find it easy to follow, as the book breaks it down into six steps:

  1. Determining what you have
  2. Determining who you want to leave property to
  3. Discussing inheritances
  4. Choosing a fiduciary (executor)
  5. Deciding on a method of dividing personal property
  6. Determining how to distribute valuable property

Plus, you’ll get Inheritance-Planning Inventory Worksheets to help you map it all out.

You can’t make choices about your property until you have a good idea of what you own. The first step in any inheritance decision-making process is to take an inventory of all of your stuff. Even if you don’t think you have a lot, taking an inventory and listing everything in black and white is essential.

That’s why this book comes with Planning Inventory Worksheets that take you from the living room to the attic and outbuildings – even to a second home.

Having your bequeathing plan all thought out can bring you peace of mind today, and make it much easier for your family later on. Your passing – expected or not – will leave your family in an emotionally vulnerable state. So making inheritance decisions and not leaving it up to your kids to decide, is a way to prevent hard feelings and even family fights. Making choices about inheritance is not about looking at your life as a collection of material things, but rather, it’s a way to show them how much you care about them.

IMPORTANT: Before you read this, please remember Let Family Know® LLC is not in the business, nor licensed to give you legal advice – just practical advice that we believe can be helpful to most anyone of legal age. Our ultimate recommendation is that any time you consider leaving an inheritance or making choices about how you want your property distributed after you’re gone, is that you should speak to an estate attorney who can help you with a legally binding will or trust. Having your desires thought out ahead of an attorney appointment may save consultant time and legal fees.

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