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Tidbits about us and the problems we are trying to help solve


Year Let Family Know® LLC was founded in Cedar Falls, Iowa

  • Launched website and product line in May 2021
  • Received Registered Trademark status in 2020

Our headquarters

Owasso, Oklahoma – in the Tulsa metro area



... it doesn’t have to be complicated, you just have to let family know.



... to make it easier for people to organize the information that will matter to their family when the person is no longer around.

68% of Americans don't have estate planning documents

... despite the fact there was a 35% increase in people's desire to get a will because of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • In 2021, 18-34 year-olds are, for the first time, more likely to have a will than 35 – 54 year-olds.
  • The number of young adults with a will increased by 63% since 2020.

Source: https://www.caring.com/caregivers/estate-planning/wills-survey/


1.3 million animals enter shelters every year due to the owner's death

... out of those, about 650,000 are euthanized.

  • Only 12% to 27% of pet owners include pets in their wills.
  • Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year.
  • Animal activists want to make the U.S. a no-kill zone by 2025

Sources: https://www.animallaw.info/article/wills-trusts-pet-animals-what-happens-when-their-humans-die



44% of estate disputes involve siblings

... and 30 percent claimed members of the family stopped talking to each other as a result of the dispute, and were “still very much divided.”

  • Land and property disputes made up 51 percent of the cases.
  • Disputes revolved around money in 32 percent of the cases.
  • Jewelry and personal possessions caused 21 percent of the disputes. More often it's not greed, but grief and emotional attachment that cause family rifts.


Family stress escalates when someone dies with nothing written down

  • Oftentimes, only one person handles the bills and finances. If they die unexpectedly, it leaves a grieving spouse highly stressed.
  • The person(s) working to settle an estate unfairly spends an exorbitant amount of time away from jobs and family to find needed information.
  • People argue over what the deceased person would have wanted – especially when distributing assets or making funeral arrangements.
  • 75% say it’s important to have pre-planned funeral arrangements, a 30% increase vs. pre-pandemic

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/funeral-planning-not-a-priority-for-americans-300478569.html

National Funeral Directors Association's 2017 Consumer Awareness and Preferences Study.

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Organize personal information that matters

Founder Ila Scott-Ford – pronounced ila (eye'la)

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Signing the Let Family Know Keeper identifies who it is about

Let Family Know® Keeper and mini Companion Keeper

Let Family Know Keepers are an ideal size

Let Family Know® Keeper and mini Companion Keeper

Proprietary Let Family Know® Keeper set makes it simple for people to organize information that matters

The Let Family Know® Keeper has 5 tabbed sections

Sign your name on your Let Family Know Keeper

Let Family Know offers easy-reading ebooks and other tools to help people get their information organized

Let Family Know has 6 ebooks to help people create information that matters

Ebook with tips to help people create information that will matter to their family. Most come with planning sheets or workbooks

Let Family Know ebooks are filled with tips and how-to guidance
Let Family Know ebooks are filled with tips and how-to guidance
Let Family Know ebooks are filled with tips and how-to guidance
Let Family Know ebooks are filled with tips and how-to guidance
Let Family Know ebooks are filled with tips and how-to guidance
Let Family Know ebooks are filled with tips and how-to guidance

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Meet ila

The founder of Let Family Know® LLC, Ila Scott-Ford, is a writer and idea person whose passion is finding new or better ways of solving problems. Since ila considers herself an "average Jane," she wasn't surprised to discover a majority of people have the same struggles she did when it comes to organizing personal information. She put her skills to work and created a "better mousetrap." The Let Family Know® Keeper set makes it simple for a person to organize information that will matter to family when that person is no longer around.

If you want to talk with ila, send an email to ila@LetFamilyKnow.com

Founder of Let Family Know, Ila Scott-FordF