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Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island with your pet or with another person?

Surprisingly, If they were deserted on an island and could choose only one companion, 50 percent of survey participants would pick a dog or cat rather than a human. A whopping 90 percent of us pet owners consider our animals to be part of the family – but can we answer how our pets will be taken care of if we would become unable?  We’ll be covering this topic in upcoming blog posts.

In the meantime, see how your answer compares to those of 1,238  pet owners in the U.S. and Canada who participated in the survey conducted by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).


National Survey Finds Pet Owners Bend Household Rules For Their Furry Friends

Do you ever break the “no pets on the bed” policy when your spouse is away? Or sneak an extra treat to Whiskers when your significant other has his back turned? Almost 70 percent of pet owners say they break household rules with their pet when their spouse or significant other is not present.

Moreover, female pet owners seem to have a bigger soft spot for pets, since they are more likely than males to break household rules with a pet when their significant other is not around.
The results indicate that pets are getting preferential treatment as they become more important as members of the household. Of the survey respondents:

When asked, “Who listens to you best?

  • 45 percent choose their pet, while 30 percent choose their spouse or significant other.
  • 82 percent think of their pet more than once while they are away from him or her during the day.
  • 53 percent are spending more on their pets now than they did three years ago.

When traveling without their pet:

  • 61 percent leave their pet in the care of friends or family.
  • 55 percent have an emergency preparedness plan that includes their pet in case of natural disasters such as fire, flood or earthquake.
  • 94 percent think their pet has human-like personality traits, such as being emotional or sensitive, outgoing, inquisitive or stubborn.
  • 94 percent take their pet for regular veterinary checkups to ensure their pet’s quality of life.

If they were deserted on an island and could choose only one companion:

  • 50 percent would pick a dog or cat rather than a human,
  • 93 percent are likely to risk their own life for their pet, while;
  • 64 percent of owners would expect their pet to come to their rescue if they were in distress.

“Pet owners are going to great lengths to keep their pets happy and healthy,” says Dr. Daniel S. Aja, president-elect of the American Animal Hospital Association. “From daily exercise and regular veterinary checkups to making arrangements for pets in case of emergency, this survey shows that pet owners are extremely dedicated to their beloved pets.”

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