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If you’ve inherited silverware, here’s an idea for transforming pieces into a unique family heirloom.

I had a phone conversation with a guy named Mike, known to many as The Spoon Jeweler. I stumbled upon his website while searching for interesting inheritance stories to pass along to you. I was completely captivated and thought this was worthwhile to share for so many reasons. During our call, Mike said that many times people inherit silverware that they don’t really need.  Sometimes they’ve come to him to transform that silverware into what he calls “jewelry with meaning.” About his jewelry, the website says, “There is a story hidden away in every piece, full of meaning and memories that have been etched in time.”

I thought, what an unusual way to remember a person.

Or to share the memories of a family tradition … like sitting around the dinner table at grandma and grandpa’s house on Thanksgiving every year with cousins, aunts, and uncles.

There are many ideas for using family silverware that’s been passed down, such as creating matching bracelets for bridesmaids gifts. Sterling silver or silver-plated silverware make the best jewelry. Mike said it will usually be stamped someplace on the silverware. If you are thinking of turning old silverware into jewelry or other items for a special occasions, be aware of the turnaround time your craftsperson requires.

Do you have silverware you’d like to turn into beautiful heirloom gifts?

Many of the spoon jewelry items I’ve seen have been made from incredibly interesting vintage silverware. There are many websites, Facebook pages, YouTube videos, Etsy, and Pinterest stores where you’ll see examples of gorgeous bracelets, rings, pendants, key rings, purse hooks, and so much more. Just go on those sites and search for spoon jewelry, flattened spoon pendants, or silverware jewelry. NOTE: I’m not endorsing any person’s work, because I have no personal experience with them. I’m only sharing a few examples to show there are plenty of interesting ways to transform an inheritance of family silverware into a family heirloom or keepsake. If you don’t want to do it yourself, some artisans are willing to take YOUR silverware and work it into something awesome.

Turn family silverware into heirloom jewelryTurn family silverware into heirloom jewelry

These are just a few examples that turn up when you start searching. WARNING: Do it when you have time because looking at the incredible transformations from silverware to jewelry is captivating. Hours could pass. LOL.

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