One of the most meaningful and fun things you can do.

Get ready to be the legacy letter writer you want to be, using tips and insights in this guide.

Handwritten letters are a beautiful legacy. But what should you say? This 32-page book from Let Family Know® can help you get the feeling in your heart down on paper. It's packed with tips, advice, and a few stories that illustrate important points. It comes with 15 free stationery PDFs you can use if you want to start right away! If you have a home printer, it doesn’t get any more convenient. Just print out several pages of stationery at a time, get quiet, and get writing.


Let me say here, that what you write on isn’t the important thing. Lined notebook paper will work just fine. The important thing is to get the letters written. Your words and your handwriting are the beautiful part … misspellings, grammar errors, scribble-outs, and all.

Did you know?

The green "Family, friends and others" section of the Let Family Know® Keeper is like an enhanced address book that you can use to keep track of the people who mean the most to you. If anything should happen, a checkbox in each entry tells family if you'd want that person to be notified, and if you've left them a letter or video.

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