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An online search for "Who should inherit your things" turns up 139 million results in less than one second.

Did you know it's the items with the most sentimental value – not the most monetary value – that can cause family fights and hard feelings?

This 21-page book comes with 17 Inheritance-Planning Inventory Worksheets. They can help you make decisions today, that can bring you peace of mind of having your bequeathing plan all thought out. This can prevent family discord and irreparable hard feelings among siblings if anything should happen to you. While this is not legally binding, having your desires thought out ahead of an attorney appointment may save consultant time and legal fees.


Did you know?

The gold "What I want you to have" section of the Let Family Know® Keeper provides a place to note who you want to have your belongings if anything should happen. Show family and friends how much you care about them by taking responsibility for your personal belongings rather than unfairly leaving it to them to figure it out. By briefly explaining WHY you’re passing along a certain item to a specific person, you can help prevent hard feelings or strained relationships between siblings and family members. Pages have a witnessing feature but note, this is NOT legally binding.

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