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Designed to remove roadblocks to organizing personal information. 


Owasso, Oklahoma: Let Family Know® LLC, has announced a new solution to help people overcome a widespread problem. Although people want to organize the information their family and others would need if something were to happen to them, the majority haven’t done it. Ila Scott-Ford, founder of Let Family Know, knew from her own experience and years of research, what keeps them from it. She designed a new approach to overcome the roadblocks: the Let Family Know® Keeper. It has five sections to cover all types of information and organize it in ONE place. It’s information that will matter to family once a person is no longer around.  

“I experienced the same frustrations as most others when it comes to organizing information. In researching the problem, I realized the problem isn’t us,” says Scott-Ford. “The problem is what’s been available to us for getting it done. I’ve been a writer and researcher for more than 37 years, so I knew I could design something better.”

In addition to the Let Family Know® Keeper, there are fun-to-read ebooks with worksheets, tips, thought-starters, and inspiring examples to help people create the more difficult information, like deciding who should inherit your stuff; writing letters to leave behind for family and friends; recording family stories and traditions so they don’t get lost to future generations, and arranging for someone to care for pets in case you’re no longer able to.

“Although I’ve been working on this for several years, I see an even greater need today. Statistics show since Covid-19, people have a heightened interest in and urgency for organizing information and creating estate-planning documents. I’m grateful to have created something that can help.”

Features and benefits of the Let Family Know® (LFK) Keeper to overcome roadblocks include:

  • Our unique approach has five sections: 1.) My important information; 2.) My digital life; 3.) What I want you to have; 4.) What I want you to know; 5.) Family, friends, and others.
  • People feel that organizing information is daunting, and they don’t know where to start. The LFK Keeper has almost everything thought out for them. For example, the “My important information” section covers everything from medical emergency and family information to finances, pets, and funeral plans.
  • People are so busy and feel they don’t have time. The fill-in-the-blank simplicity lets people get it done – whether they have only five minutes at a time or five hours. 
  • People get frustrated with bound or spiral-bound books. The ring binder format of the LFK Keeper lets people change out page as their life changes, or they change their mind about something. 

The Let Family Know® Keeper is now available. For people who prefer doing things digitally, the fillable PDF version is available now for immediate download. The printed version with the ring binder is currently available for pre-order.

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About Let Family Know: Let Family Know LLC was founded on a mission to make it possible for people to create and organize information that matters – and to help protect families from being left with a mess when someone dies. Let Family Know does not employ attorneys or estate planners. Instead, they are researchers, writers, and problem-solvers who produce products, tools, tips, information that inspire and guide people. Their goal is to help people preserve their families by preventing fights and hard feelings – and to help them leave a legacy of personal and generational importance. The Let Family Know Keeper, the pocket-sized Let Family Know® Companion Keeper, ebooks, and blog are examples. Learn more at

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