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The Let Family Know® Keeper gets you past 3 ROADBLOCKS that keep people from organizing the information that matters.

There's nothing else like it!


ROADBLOCK #1: "I don't know where to start."

That’s OK. The Let Family Know® Keeper (LFK Keeper) has it all thought out for you. This is not like one of those copycat notebooks that only asks for the most basic information. It’s totally comprehensive—but that doesn’t mean it’s complicated. Quite the opposite.

It covers a wide range of information, but you never need to feel overwhelmed because what you fill out is up to you. And you complete it at your own pace.

Let Family Know Keeper has 5 sections to help you organize information that matters

The LFK Keeper is organized into 5 tabbed sections. There’s nothing else like it. It's UNIQUELY LFK.

  • My important information
  • My digital life
  • What I want you to have
  • What I want you to know
  • Family, friends and others

That means you don’t need to have 5 different journals or binders to cover the information that matters. It’s all neatly organized in one place. That makes information easier for family to find if they ever need it ­– and simple for you to use day-to-day, too.

DIGITAL VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE: Pages of the Let Family Know Keeper are also available as downloadable PDFs for those who prefer filling pages out on a computer.

ROADBLOCK #2: "I don't have time to figure it out."

Have you ever said …

"I just don't have enough time. I wish someone would just tell me what information I need to write down, and I'd do it."

Well, we're making that wish come true.

The first purple section, MY IMPORTANT INFORMATION," covers 14 topics. It's the only section in the LFK Keeper that needs it's own Table of contents (below). It's totally comprehensive. I’ve done in-depth research to uncover as many topics as possible to include because I want it to be a real help to you and your family.

"Number-match” feature helps locate specific information fast!

The prototype for the LFK Keeper was a big purple binder. The ring clasp was open so all of the pages fell out. I was NOT happy, but as I was picking pages up off the floor, I realized a numbering system was needed to help put pages back in where they belong. Thanks to that klutz move, the "My important information" section has a very simple number-match feature to help you keep your information organized and easy to find.

My important information" section of the Let Family Know Keeper  has a number match system to halp find specific information quickly

More time-saving features

The Let Family Know Keeper is fast and easy to use with a fill-in-the-blank format

Check boxes and a fill-in-the-blanks format makes it simple, and simple = doable.

There’s basically no reading … just fill in the blanks. There are a few tips in the Helpful Guide, but you already know how to use the Let Family Know® Keeper. Sure, you’ll need to look up some information initially. You can work at you own pace, so the keeper works with your busy schedule. If you consistently spend a few minutes each day or week, soon you’ll be able to celebrate your accomplishment. Remember, it’s not important that you get it done FAST... but just that you get it DONE.

Let Family Know Keeper has a unique alphabetization feature so you can find informaion faster

Alphabetization feature

We love alphabet tabs don’t we? They help us find information quickly. However, adding tabbed dividers within the sections would raise the cost significantly, and make the Keepers a bit cumbersome. So, I designed a feature I think works well and gives you flexibility. On the bottom corner of the pages in two sections and the Companion Keeper is a graphic that provides a place to write a letter of the alphabet. Information you record on that page, then, would be something that starts with that letter.

how to use the alphabetization feature in the Let Family Know Keeper


If you are recording log ins for Betty’s Boutique website, you would handwrite a “B”on the graphic in the corner of the page. Then place the page in alphabetical order – as a page of things that start with B. (There are more tips in the Helpful Guide)

ROADBLOCK #3: "I live on a tight budget."

I come from humble means, so I know how a tight budget often forces us to look at less expensive options that often deliver less of what we need. But in this case, I've created the Let Family Know® Keeper to be an affordable option that delivers MORE of what you need ... and more than what higher-cost options offer.

You get a complete set

You get the Let Family Know® Keeper; the Let Family Know® Companion Keeper, a User's Guide, PLUS four 'how to" books to help guide you through the more perplexing issues.

  • Protecting personal and financial information in the Internet age; even if you say you are barely online. (21 pages of sound advice. Reg. price: $7.97)
  • How to keep family stories, traditions and values from fading: Recall and record years of your life … in just minutes each week. (60-page book and 25 worksheets. Reg. price: $24)
  • How to decide who will inherit your stuff: 7 basic estate-planning steps that turn procrastination into peace of mind. (21-page book and 17 worksheets. Reg. price: $19.97)
  • Dear __________, A guide to writing the very best legacy letter possible. (32-Page book plus15 downloadable stationary templates (PDFs). Reg. price $19.97)

Printed set (pre-publication): $169*

Digital set (fillable PDFs): $89*

*Current introductory price. Shipping and handling not included. See the Order page for more details.

It costs about the same as any ONE of these:

Let Family Know® Keeper costs about the same as a dinner, movie and ice cream

One special night out

… but when you wake up the next day, it's already in the past. The Let Family Know Keeper will last well into the future.

One trip to the salon

… but after about 8 weeks, you pay all over again. The Let Family Know Keeper makes you look good for generations!

Let Family Know Keeper costs about the same as a trip to a salon

$169 is a really good deal ... but read on to see special features that make it a GREAT deal!

*The reference to “lifetime “is not a warranty, implied or otherwise.

The Let Family Know® Keeper is designed to last a long time.

More rings to protect page holes from tearing

7 rings cost a bit more than 3, but more rings help keep page holes from tearing, so pages last longer under long-term use.

A ring binder format lets you update information over your lifetime.

The Let Family Know® Keeper has rings, so you can add or remove pages … whenever your life changes, or you change your mind.

PLUS, you get duplicates of pages in the “My important information” section so you can include information for a spouse or another person.

With a spiral notebook or bound journal, you have to tear out pages to eliminate something – and you certainly can’t add pages back in.

Spiral notebooks don't allow changes to your information without tearing pages out and starting over

Page lifters help pages last longer.

When you start to close a binder, the pages are on the outsides of the rings. You have to move the pages to the center of the rings to close it. That tugs on the pages, which can rip out the holes, causing pages to fall out.

Page lifters, the curved pieces of plastic placed in the front and back of the Keeper, push the pages to the middle of the ring. With no pulling or stress, pages last longer.

Illustrations from Oliner Fibre Co, Inc.

The Let Family Know® Keeper goes beyond the ordinary to help you plan and record information that matters.

Your bills

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, topic 8, Debts and obligations, could help a surviving spouse or family know what bills you have, how they are paid, and when they are due. Think what a blessing this would be to people who are left to manage the bills.

Your pets

If you are you a pet owner, you’ll appreciate topic 13: Pets and animals. If you need help deciding who will care for your pets if you can’t, we have a 21-page ebook: Planning for your pets: If something were to happen to you, what would happen to them? (Spoiler alert: Relying on family is often not a good idea. Many pets still end up in a pet shelter and up for adoption.) It's part of the LFK PET SET.

Your exit plan

Just as you’re the only one who is living your life, you’re the only one who should decide what happens at the end. Leaving it up to family members or friends because you don’t want to think about it, is just plain unfair. Many of us put it off because we don’t know what to include in a plan. Topic area 14, My plan, is designed to help you figure it out and get it done.

The Let Family Know® Keeper offers much more than typical username and password booklets.

The BLUE section, My digital life, is for keeping track of websites and their log ins. Some entries let you detail websites you pay into or collect money from. Experts warn that for websites where you access sensitive information – like financial and medical – not to write both the username or login AND the password in the same place. That’s because if someone gained access to both, they would have the information they would need to get into your accounts. That’s why I created the pocket-sized Let Family Know® Companion Keeper. It’s designed to store these passwords separately, away from the main LFK Keeper. In addition to passwords, some pages are for recording combinations, passcodes and location of keys.

eBOOK: How can you keep your personal information safe in these days of super hackers and massive data breaches? While this 21-page ebook can’t cover everything, it does provide tips and solid advice. Protecting personal and financial information in the Internet age: even if you say you are barely online.

The Let Family Know® Keeper helps you decide who should inherit your property.

It’s often things with less monetary value but a high emotional value that cause family rifts. This GOLD section, What I want you to have, provides a place to note who you want to have your belongings if anything should happen. You’ll show family and friends how much you care about them by taking responsibility for your personal belongings rather than adding to their grief by forcing them to figure it out. Plus, you’ll help ensure your sentimental items will go to their rightful heirs. By briefly explaining why you’re passing along a certain item to a specific person, you can help prevent hard feelings or strained relationships between siblings and family members at a difficult time when they need each other most.

Completed pages can help an attorney or estate planner to draw up formal, legally binding documents. Taking inventory of your belongings and organizing your thoughts before you meet will undoubtedly save a lot of time and legal fees.

Let Family Know pages from What I want you to have section have a witnessing feature

UNIQUELY LFK: A feature at the bottom of each page in the, "What I want you to have" section, allows you to number the pages, and has a signing and witnessing feature. That does NOT make it a A REPLACEMENT FOR A WILL, and is not legally binding. It's merely to validate your wishes.


eBOOK Not sure where to start? This 21-page ebook can help: How to decide who will inherit your stuff: 7 basic estate-planning steps that turn procrastination into peace of mind. It comes with 25 Inheritance-Planning Inventory Worksheets. They can help you make decisions today, that can bring you peace of mind and even prevent serious family disagreements if anything should happen.

The Let Family Know® Keeper helps you preserve the stories that make your family unique.

Stories about you, your life and your family are priceless gifts you can give your children and grandchildren – they cost the least but may mean the most. The dark PURPLE section, What I want you to know, provides an easy way to share things about yourself, your family, your heritage, keys to your native language, crazy family traditions, family medical information, spiritual beliefs, your dreams, unique achievements, acts of heroism or kindness, values and experiences – even pass along secret family recipes.

eBOOK: Would you like to keep family stories from fading, but don’t know how to get started writing them down? We’re here to help with our 60-page eBook, How to keep family stories, traditions and values from fading: Recall and record years of your life … in just minutes each week – and 25 pages of planning sheets. They’re packed with tips and 101 thought starters.

The Let Family Know® Keeper helps you remember it’s not what we have, but who we have in our lives that matters.

While I was doing research on legacy letters, I came across an article by an anonymous blogger who wrote:

“I worry I’ll die unexpectedly. I’m afraid I might leave behind unanswered questions. I’m afraid people will miss me and hurt with regret over things they didn’t do or words they didn’t say. I’m afraid people won’t know I love them. I’m afraid they won’t know I understand.”

I knew at that moment, I had to include the GREEN section, Family, friends and others section in the LFK Keeper. It helps you organize your “people list," and serves as a reminder that handwritten letters are a beautiful legacy.

Each name and address notation in this "enhanced address book" asks if you’d want that person to be notified if anything should happen. It also has a place to note if you’ve left them a letter or video.

“I really want to write letters, but I don’t know
what I would say.”

eBOOK: If that sounds like you, please know that you are FAR from alone. That’s why we created this easy-to-read, 32-page eBook to help: Dear __________, A guide to writing the very best legacy letter possible. It’s packed with tips, advice, and a few stories to illustrate some points. PLUS, we've added 15 stationery designs you may download, print out, and use to get started right away.

A few more points about the Let Family Know® Keeper

Let Family Know Keepers are an ideal size

Ideal size

Many women I’ve talked with like the size. It feels more personal than a big 8-1/2 x 11 binder. The Keeper measures 8in W x 9in H x 2-1/2in thick. Page size is 5-1/2 in x 8 in (half letter size ). It can easily fit in a bedside stand, home safe, or shoulder bag if you’d like to work on it at your favorite coffee shop.Embossed cover gives it a quality heirloom look and feel.

Let Family Know Keeper has blank pages for adding information

Notes pages

Add more information to any place needed.

Let Family Know® Keeper pages are available in downloadable PDF format

Digital version

LFK Keeper pages are also available in a fillable PDF format for those who prefer to fill information out on their computer.

It’s time to ask yourself … if something were to happen to you, which would you rather leave for your family?


It’s better than nothing.

very basic information pages

Haven’t you worried for long enough about leaving your family in a mess?

You have a chance to change that right now, with a Let Family Know® Keeper. You’ll feel more peace of mind with every page you fill out.

Signing the Let Family Know Keeper identifies who it is about

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