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When you read this, please remember at Let Family Know, we are NOT estate attorneys, lawyers, or estate planners. We are everyday people … researchers and writers with a mission to help you organize information that matters. To do that, we share information that can help get you past what holds you back.

If you think estate-planning is a confusing topic, you’re not alone. Research* shows 74% of Americans think that, too.

That’s why we created a simple guide titled, “The 5 documents you need to fill out NOW in case you kick the bucket.” That sounds a little less intimidating that estate-planning documents, wouldn’t you agree? In this guide you’ll see eye-opening statistics about the low percentage of Americans who have the 5 crucial documents in place. You’ll see the reasons given by the majority who do not. 47% say they just haven’t gotten around to it. 49% think they don’t have enough assets to worry about it (spoiler alert: the wealthy are not much better prepared).

This 31-page guide is interesting and easy to understand. After all, something so important shouldn’t be so complicated, should it?

FIRST highlights a few statistics and news headlines that prove ANYTHING can happen to ANYONE (you and me included) at ANY TIME.

For example, did you know about 90 people die each day in the U.S. from car accidents? Or that one person dies every 36 seconds from

Estate planning documents can help prevent nightmares when death occurs
cardiovascular disease? And a quick Internet search turns up countless sad stories about fatal freak accidents, like the one about a man who got his head stuck in a rabbit hole and suffocated.

NEXT it covers what the 5 documents are that, once completed and signed, could instantly protect your family, yourself, and your business from a potential nightmare. That nightmare being caused whether a person dies from sudden or unexpected death or a lengthy terminal illness. Or, becomes incapacitated and unable to communicate. 

The description of each of the 5 documents is boiled down to “what it is” and “what it does for you.” Plus you’ll read shortened real-life accounts of what can happen if you do, or you don’t, have these signed documents in place.

THEN it gives links to websites where you get these documents online, and cautions that you must download documents written specifically for your own state or province.

FINALLY it provides a get-it-done checklist to encourage you to plan the time to get it done.

Best of all, it’s FREE. As stated before, we’re just sharing information about how to get the protection and peace of mind you and your family need and deserve. Download it now with the link below.

Providing your email to access the guide will subscribe you to our emails (which you can unsubscribe from at any time you like). In line with our Golden Rule privacy policy, we WILL NOT EVER sell or share your email address or other information when you download information we’ve created for you.

This is definitely a guide you’ll want to read and share with others!

Let Family Know® is dedicated to helping you get your information organized to help protect your family from potential nightmares. We hope you’ll download the guide and give it a read. We think it can end confusion about the 5 essential documents you need to fill out in case you kick the bucket – and why you need to do it NOW.

*Advance Capital Management’s FINANCIAL LIVING BLOG.


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