Helping you organize information that matters

What if you could start every day knowing that if anything should happen … the information your family would need is organized.

 We know what keeps you from organizing your information, and we created the answer.

Simple is doable!

Presenting the Let Family Know® Keeper

We’ve all heard stories about families who who ended up in a mess and stressed out, trying to make emergency decisions—all because the information they needed was either difficult to find, required permission to access, or maybe didn’t even exist at all.

Are you ready to stop worrying about leaving your family in a mess?

5 reasons why you’ll want the Let Family Know® Keeper

1. You can finally stop putting this off.


The task of organizing our information can feel so overwhelming
that we keep putting it off until tomorrow (which turn into years).

The Let Family Know® Keeper ends procrastination. Almost everything
is thought out for you.
Getting started is as simple as filling in the blanks.

2. It works with a busy schedule.


How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!
That’s why the Keeper can work for you – even if your life is one big balancing act.
Fill-in-the-blank pages let you work at your own pace – a little at a time.

Remember, it’s not important that you do this FAST, but just that you do it.

3. It costs less than one day of fun at
an amusement park.

   (… but having it filled out feels good for a lifetime)


The Let Family Know® Keeper is designed to last. You can update it as
your life changes, or if you change your mind about something. With the
ring binder format you can add or remove pages easily.

But with a book that’s bound or spiral-bound, you have to tear pages out
to eliminate something – and you certainly can’t add pages.

4. The mini Companion Keeper


For websites where you access sensitive information – like
financial or medical – experts warn against storing complete logins
to those accounts in the same place.

That’s why we developed the Let Family Know® Companion Keeper. It’s
small so can be kept out of sight and away from your main Keeper. Designed
to store policy numbers, usernames OR passwords, combinations, or keys.

5. You can stop feeling worried or embarrassed.


Before leaving on a trip, do you quickly remind your spouse or family about
your life insurance policy? Or if anyone asked, would you feel embarrassed
to admit you don’t have
your personal information organized?

We’ve been there. That’s why we created the Let Family Know® Keeper …
to help you finally get this done.

The Let Family Know® Keeper has 5 sections.
What you fill out is up to you.

My Important Information

Imagine being able to tell your spouse or adult children you won’t be leaving them in a mess.

The fill-in-the blank format makes it easier to organize emergency and medical information, and information about your family, personal documents, bequeathing documents, legal advisors, financial accounts, debts and obligations, income sources, insurance policies, major assets, employment or business information, memberships and groups, pets and animals, and funeral plans.

My Digitial Life

We reset our passwords multiple times – because we forget them or to strengthen online security.

Use this section on a daily basis to keep logins at your fingertips.

And, when needed, it will give heirs or executors the information they need to close your online accounts. 

What I Want You to Have

It’s often items with less monetary value and a high emotional value that cause many family rifts?

This is NOT a replacement for a will, but a place to note what you want people to have and WHY. That can protect your family from having to make those decisions, and help prevent hard feelings – especially if passing down family heirlooms or prized possessions. This can also save lawyers time and fees when getting a legal will done.  

What I Want You to Know

Here you can start to build a personal legacy by passing down information you don’t want to be lost to future generations …

like thoughts, religious beliefs, life lessons, family stories, traditions, and family recipes.

We created an eBook with 101 thought starters to help.

Family, Friends and Others

This is an expanded address book you can use when you send letters, thank-you notes, or greeting cards.

PLUS, each entry has a place to indicate if you’d want the person to be notified if anything should happen to you, and, if you’ve left them a letter or video and where it is.

“You know in the back of your mind it’s something you should do. With this, you don’t have to go online and try to figure everything out … I like knowing you can do a little at a time. When you get done, you’d feel so good about it. It would take the worry away.”

— Kris H., Iowa

You’ll love these easy-to-read eBooks, packed with ideas to help.

Protecting personal and financial information in the Internet age: even if you say you are “barely online.”

How to decide who will inherit your stuff: 7 basic estate-planning steps that turn procrastination into peace of mind. (includes worksheets)

How to keep family stories, traditions and values from fading: Recall and record years of your life … in just minutes each week. (includes worksheets and 105 thought starters)

Dear ______________:
A guide to writing the very best legacy letter possible.

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